Possibly The Most Relaxing Song Ever!


Possibly the most relaxing song ever!

Have you ever just wanted a song to help you relax? Something you can listen to, to take you away from stresses of everyday life? A song that is not in the charts and probably never was?

If you need all of the above, then you need to listen to “Nocturne” from The Secret Garden soundtrack! Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed, you can’t be! It’s not possible. It just isn’t! You do not have to be into any certain genre of music to relax therefore, that should not stop you from listening to this song.

Despite the mind-blowing symphony, the lyrics are also very relaxing. The start of the lyrics of the song being, “Just let the day, just slip away, so the dark night can wash over you”. It is the perfect tune for bedtime but is also really nice to listen to in general. Because of its whimsical theme and sound, it will take you away from the norm of everyday life and even the music we listen to every day unless of course, you are well up on your “whimsical mind-blowing symphonies” 😛

And if you like what you hear which I am sure you will, then you should listen to the whole Secret Garden soundtrack. It’s an amazing chill out soundtrack that I cannot recommend enough.

I hope this post helps you, that you listen to this song and perhaps the album and most importantly get to wind down from whatever it is that is ailing you. We all know how stressful like can get at times and how easy it is to let everything get on top of us until we are so drained, we want to cry. So, do yourself, your mind and your body a favour and chill the fook out! You deserve it <3

Here is the link to my favourite version of Nocturne. There is also a different version that won the Eurovision for Norway in 1995. Enjoy!

 Possibly the most relaxing song ever!

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash


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