The Law of Attraction – 1 Minute Explainer

The Law of Attraction – 1 Minute Explainer

The Law of Attraction (LOA) is the name given to the theory that like attracts like. This means that if you focus your thoughts on the positive or negative, it will return positive or negative results.

That’s the definition but what does it really mean? 

It means that what you think about you bring about. What you believe you receive. Your thoughts are your things. However, it is not enough to just think positive, you also need to feel it in your heart for the LOA to work its magic.

Still confused? Read on…

The Law of Attraction means if you think positive thoughts you will attract positive outcomes into your life. But if you think negative thoughts you will attract the negative outcomes into your life.

Are you a positive or negative thinker?

Ask yourself if your mind is clouded with negativity? Or do you generally look on the bright side of life? There is no right or wrong answer as we’re all different and all trying to better ourselves every day. But this is the first step. A step towards turning your whole life around by learning more about the Law of Attraction.

An example of Thinking Negative

You woke up this morning already dreading the day ahead and don’t want to go to work. Then you drag yourself out of bed unwillingly. Wobbling around, you stub your toe and get really pissed off about it! Fffing and blinding out of you. Now you’re running late for work.

When you get into my car and start driving you realise the traffic is crazy. You’re starting to picture your boss giving out to you about being late. Upon arriving at work you’re tired and frustrated before the workday has even begun! Then, who pops their head in to give out to you? Your boss. And your day continues to go downhill from there onwards.

Baring in mind, it is still only morning time, have you noticed how many negative thoughts and feelings have contributed to your shitty day already?

Now lets recap – Did you see a pattern forming from bad to worse? You woke up in bad form, dreading the day, hurt your toe which annoyed you, running late, then you envisioned yourself getting into trouble for it and it happened. This is a prime example of a knock on effect.

The knock on effect kept going and does so until you are depleted. This is because the start of your day started off bad. But is more so because you did not change your negative thought process throughout the day. So, the rest of the day went from bad to worse.

Have you ever noticed that when someone gives you a hard time then the rest of your day is ruined? You choose to let that bad thought manifest until you are livid and blaming that person for ruining your whole day! I know you’re probably screaming at your screen while reading this saying it’s not my fault that these things happen to me. That’s ok, but you’re just starting to learn about the Law of Attraction so bare with me. Now let’s do a quick comparison.

An example of Thinking Positive

You woke up this morning grateful to be alive, breathing and looking forward to having a great day! Then you get up feeling fresh and revived and ready to take on the world. Up early, you know you have more than enough time to get ready and get to work on time.

You fly to work because you left early enough to avoid the traffic. You’re enjoying listening to music on the way. Or maybe you listen to a motivational podcast to inspire you for the day ahead. Arriving at work you get there 5 minutes early and are ready to start your workday happy.

Now let’s say for instance your boss comes around the corner and he/she is in bad form and says something a bit out of order. It initially annoys you, as you think there was no need for that. But you have a choice, you can get annoyed about it or be calm cool and collected. If you get annoyed it will manifest and ruin your day. If you brush it off you’re still in great form. In addition, you haven’t given too much energy to a small knockback.

You keep up the positive vibes throughout the day and end up having a great day! A day where everything runs smoothly and you’re not left drained at the end of it from your own thought process. But instead, you’re happy and fulfilled with how the day has gone.

Can you see the comparison between a Positive and Negative day? Huge isn’t it? Now imagine you started to practice this in your everyday life and everything flowed easier and everything was less of a struggle. It would be great, wouldn’t it?

Now, I’m not trying to patronise anyone who might think “That’s all well and good but what if I am going through a really hard time?” I can totally understand that but all you can do in those situations is try and remain as positive as you can until you learn how to deal with that tough situation. Or until time passes where things get easier.

“What if I can’t control what is happening in my life due to someone else?” I understand that too, but you have to focus on yourself as most things are not in your control. Only you can make the Law of Attraction work for you. No one else can do this for you.

By being more positive, others around you will start to feel more uplifted in your presence. Even the most negative people, you have ever met! Trust me.


What’s Next?

This brings me to the next part of The Law of Attraction. It is not enough to just think positive, you have to feel it in your heart. This allows you to bring out the best possible outcomes in life.

Similar to when you think negative, get angry or sad that brings more of those not so nice situations into your life. No one enjoys getting so frustrated and stressed that you feel like exploding. It’s not fun and not cute for people around you either. You need to put in the energy when practicing the Law of Attraction, positive energy!

Make a start

Start by looking around and realising how rich you already are with everything you already have. Some examples, I’m so lucky to have a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in. I’m so lucky to have clothes on my back, a job, great family and friends.

Let yourself feel how happy and content you are with what you already have. This will help attract more of the things you love into your life. Remember, you cannot think good and bad at the same time. Just like you cannot feel good and bad at the same time. Your feelings are reactions to your thoughts.

Being grateful

Being grateful is the quickest way to bring more into your life using the LOA. Be thankful for waking up alive and kicking when there are so many who won’t. You should appreciate the fact that you not only have a roof over your head but somewhere you can call home because millions don’t. Give thanks for having so many wonderful people in your life who love the bones of you and who you love too. 

Life is so precious and it’s easy for us to say life is hard and unfair but its only the extreme things that happen to us that are horrible and unfair. It’s not everything. We have a million other things to be grateful and happy for. For whatever reason you don’t feel like you have anything to be grateful for, ask yourself does the above list of things to be grateful for, apply to you?


If you feel like you will never be happy in general then you might need to dig deeper than practicing the LOA. You might need to learn to love yourself again and life again. Talk to someone and begin to change your life today. Everyone goes through this at some stage in their life, the secret is to not stay stuck in it. 

If you start to practice the Law of Attraction you will see small changes every day that will blow your mind. And if you really put it into practice you can have anything you want in life! The key is to start. Start by purposely thinking more positive each day, meditate, exercise, organise your days, give someone a compliment each day, moan less or laugh more. Do anything you can think off to help improve your mood and do a small bit every day until it becomes routine. You won’t regret it.

Keep practicing the Law of Attraction and keep learning more so that you can have the life of your dreams and stop torturing yourself. 


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