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Success does not define you, you define Success!


Success does not define you, you define Success

The above sentence is very powerful

Read it. Read it again. And then read it again.

Now let it sink in and breathe… it is all going to be just fine!

I’ve had this quote on my mind for a long time and it gave me solace but I hadn’t shared it with anyone. I kept meaning to make it into a picture quote but yesterday I realised just how important this message is.

Here’s why

I was watching Youtube videos made by the author and philosopher Alain De Botton yesterday and he said something that really hit a nerve. He said, by telling people they can be who they want to be or that if they try hard enough they will succeed, we are actually setting them up for failure! Of course he expanded on this a lot more and delved into why he thought this but it really got me thinking…

What is my site actually portraying? Is it the wrong message?

My aim is to inspire people to live the life they were meant to live, to go after their dreams, to stay healthy and to motivate them in the hopes that they will achieve inner happiness by doing so.

So I had to ask myself am I setting people up for failure? Is everyone else in the world who are trying to inspire people doing it in the wrong way? Are we making people feel as though they have to be successful to feel fulfilled or happy?

The answer is a big fat no!

Success does define you, you define success – Hazel Breen

Success does not define you, you define success, therefore, you decide what your successes are. You decide what you consider a success and so does everyone else. Ones persons best success story in their lives might be being a parent, raring their children to the best of their ability and another’s might be succeeding through career goals.

Everyone is different. So give yourself a pat on the back every single time you feel successful or have reached a personal or professional goal. Big or small, its your success story. You own it, and don’t let anyone tell you any different!

My Success Stories

My favorite success story to date would be my relationships with my family and friends of course. But second to that would be; working on films/theatre, my fashion and accessory business I had for a few years and of course, this website.

This website gives me the opportunity to spread some positivity. I know that my website inspires people everyday and I hope to inspire millions more. There can never be enough happiness in our lives. I know when someone visits my site, the content is light and drama free, so you feel better when you leave. This makes me happy and it gives me purpose.

With that said, take some time to write down what is most important to you. I am sure you will realise how successful you are already are!

If you would like to share your success story, whatever it may be, send us an email and we will consider publishing it on this site if matches our content and you too might be able to inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

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