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Cool Art – Funky Paint on Newsprint by Conrad Crispin Jones


Cool Art – Funky Paint on Newsprint by Conrad Crispin Jones

Who knew art on Newsprint would look so good?

Whether it’s array of vibrant colours or just one against the black and white Newsprint, it would make the perfect feature piece for any room.

I love the added elements of highlighted colours over text also. A 3 in 1 of pop art, funkiness and traditional. Conrad Crispin Jones is the artist behind these stunning works of art Newsprint.

The artist from the seaside resort of Torquay, England. Conrad travelled extensively at an early age and now resides his time between England and Spain where he focuses on painting for galleries and private commissions including newsprint.

He doesn’t just limit himself to one particular style. He is constantly developing and experimenting. From his popular vibrant and colourful ‘Newsprint’ series to contemporary portraits in oil, incorporating heavy textiles and LED lighting.

Here are my Top 10 favourites

  1. Girl Interrupted


2. Stormtrooper


3. New Tattoo


4. Lick-it


5. Dead Mans Hand Copy


6. Orgasm


7. I tried the kiss of life


8. Return of the Diva


9. Staffi


10. Free Spirit


Image credits: www.conradcrispin.com

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