Nut Free Breakfast Bars – Make Your Own

Nut Free Breakfast Bars – Make your Own

This recipe tastes just like 9 bars

Yummy Breakfast Bars ‘How to’ below

Please note: I’m allergic to nuts. Please make sure you’re not allergic to any of the seeds listed in this recipe before making and/or eating these breakfast bars! There are no nuts in the recipe. Enjoy!

I’m always looking for tasty healthy food options that are convenient and easy to make. That’s the reason why I wanted to attempt to re-make the 9 Bar breakfast bars. I used to eat 9 Bars all the time, but I couldn’t find them anywhere anymore.

There’s nothing worse than your favourite product goes off the shelf! And its even worse when it was literally the only healthy breakfast bar you could find that did ‘not’ have nuts in it! Sighhhh… So, I took a wild guess as to what the ingredients might be and it turned out near perfect!

They taste the exact same. So, for anyone that happens to be in the same predicament or who wants a filling tasty healthy breakfast alternative to porridge and bread, this ones for you.

The greatest thing about these homemade bars is that they taste like a treat, not something you are trying to force down your throat just to get some nutritional goodness into you. The thin layer of chocolate is the perfect topping to the crunchy seeded bar. And the bonus… totally nut-free.

The ingredients include:


Sunflowers seeds

Flax seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Chia seeds – Go easy on the Chia seeds. They dehydrate you because they form a gel inside your body that makes all the bad stuff stick to it, use them sparingly and don’t forget to drink water before and after drinking chia seeds to avoid dehydration.

A thin layer of cooking or dairymilk chocolate to tickle your taste buds. For the best results, I mixed both.

How to make Nut Free Breakfast Bars

Portion of 4 Nut Free Breakfast Bars:

Mix 100g of Sunflower Seeds, 100g of Flax Seeds, 100g of Pumpkin Seeds and 2 Tablespoons of Chia Seeds.

Add 2 generous Tablespoons of Honey into the mix

Now its time to get your hands dirty…

Grab the seeds and honey and mix them together with your hands until the honey is covering all the seeds and they start to create a texture you can mould into bars. Much like the way you would mix flour and dough until it becomes easier to mould.

Next step, place your honey covered seeds into a baking tray (a square shaped tray is better but use a rectangler one if you don’t have a square one)

Fill the baking tray evenly from corner to corner and make sure the height of the seeds are even.

Now for the fun part! Melt a large bar of dairymilk with a few cubes of cooking chocolate in a pot. If you need more, you can simply just melt more. It all depends on how much chocolate you want on your bars.

Lightly cover the seeds with the chocolate so there is a thin layer over the seeds. Remember, we are trying to keep them healthy, but treat yourself and add more if you want to.

Once you have your seeds and chocolate laid out evenly in the tray. Place it in the freezer for 20 minutes.

When you take it out, your bars will be ready! How simple is that?

Cut the bars into 4 rectangles or into 8 squares if you want a smaller portion and voila… you’ve just made some seriously delicious Nut Free Breakfast Bars!


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