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Picture Quotes on Complaining


Picture Quotes on Complaining

We all complain way more than we should. Some more than others, but what would happen if complained less? 

Everything would improve as we’d be more grateful for what we have, accept the things we cannot change, and we would have a more positive outlook on life.

So why do we do it?

We are conditioned to doing it but we can change that, starting today!

I make a conscious decision to try not to complain and by no means am I perfect or have it down 100% but I try. The difference now is that I try to better myself each day as that is all I can do.  

I find it helps that I catch myself doing it. I think it’s really important to just start being aware of how much you complain. Then you can try to complain less. Every time you hear yourself complain you know you’re being very negative and need to change your mindset.

It’s touch and go sometimes. Things can happen in life that get you into a rut where you find it hard to see the positives. It could be over someone passing away or a rough spell when a lot of things happening at once. But it is important to try to get back to working on yourself, for yourself and let’s face it for the people around you that have to listen to you. We’ve all had many moments where we have went on a serious rant. Then after you get it off your chest, you realise how much of a moan you are? 

That said, here are some quotes to remind us that it’s much easier and self-serving to stay positive where possible. Enjoy and remember when something is really pi**ing you off, have a quick rant to a friend or family member and move on. Life’s too short to relive the same crap over and over!



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