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A Poem for the Grieving


A Poem for the Grieving by Janine Byrne and a tribute to my Brother

This poem was written by a great friend Janine Byrne who when hearing of the loss of my brother, said the words just came spilling out of her.  My family cannot thank her enough for this heartfelt and thoughtful present which I read at his funeral. It was as if she knew exactly what we needed, exactly what he would have wanted to say and I will be forever grateful to her.

She is a poetic genius and her words are extremely powerful. The best way I can thank her is to share this poem so that thousands and maybe millions of people will stumble across this when they need it most. I am confident this will resonate with the world, therefore, even though it has taken days to grasp the energy to post this, I feel it’s quite urgent as people are losing their loved ones every day. Thank you Janine xxx

A Poem for the Grieving

If the end is not the end

But the end is the start,

Will you look for the rainbow

As I prepare to depart.

Will you hold me in your memories

And erase all I’ve done wrong,

Will you continue to remember me

When you hear my favourite song.

Will you speak of the good times

And not of the bad,

Will you forgive me for my wrong doing

And the times I made you sad.

Will you love me forever and

Keep my photo in your purse,

Will you tell my kids I love them

At the end of this first verse.

Will you commend my Mam and Dad

For the courage, they still show,

Will you hug them and hold them tightly

and never let them go.

Will you hang my picture on the wall

For everyone to see,

I was no angel but I loved you

Please never forget me.

If the end is the beginning

And I get a second chance,

I’ll be a better person

In this change of circumstance.

I might be gone from sight

But I’ll be forever by your side,

Helping you to carry on

I’ll always be your guide.

I was proud to call you family

Until the very end,

Thank you for the memories

And always being my friend.

In loving memory of my brother Karl who passed away on the 2nd February 2015, aged 34 years.

I promise I will love you forever and I will never forget you nor let anyone else forget you.

You received a private and beautiful send-off. Your kids showed immense bravery and courage, you would be beaming with pride.

Rest in peace Karl, we love you.


Graphic made by Hazel Breen, Founder of Addicted to Everything.

Photo by Alan Jones on Unsplash


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