Lillian Weber – The lady with the goal to make 1,000 Little Dresses for Africa before her 100th Birthday!


Lillian Weber – The lady with the goal to make 1,000 dresses for Africa before her 100th Birthday!

Lillian Weber set out with a goal to make 1,000 dresses for little girls in Africa by her 100th Birthday. She managed to make a dress almost everyday for the charity Little Dresses for Africa founded by Rachel O’Neill.


The charity suggest using a pillow case pattern that is simple, lightweight and has the end and side seams already sewn up to make it easier to produce a dress even for a novice seamstress. Lillian however, went the extra mile by adding pockets and sleeves to the previous pillow case patterns to make every little girl who received their new dress feel extra special.


The most amazing part of this story is that Lillian did not only make 1,000 Little Dresses for Africa but exceeded her goal by her 100th Birthday by 51 dresses! Lillian passed away this year on the eve of her 101st birthday still sewing just hours before she passed in her home surrounded by her children. Her daughter Winger said “She was slowing down but still sewing dresses this week”.

The total dresses made? A whopping 1234!!!

It goes without saying Lillian Weber is a true inspiration and legend in her own right. She became a sewing celebrity and an amazing philanthropist through perseverance and kindness. Her goal has put smiles on hundreds of little girls faces across Africa and we could all learn a lot from this story.

The most important lessons being:

You are never too old

Set goals and see them through

Do not give to receive

One person can make a difference

When the media heard about Lillian’s goal the news spread like wildfire hence how she became a sewing celeb, but this helped the charity spread much needed awareness.

Lillian’s family set up a shipping fund you can donate to when she passed so that she could keep helping Little Dresses for Africa. It costs $160.00 to ship 100 dresses to these little girls in Africa. Please donate what you can by clicking Donate. If you would like to get involved and start making some Little Dresses for Africa here is the link to the pillow case pattern .

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