How you can have 12 hours of YOU time each week


How you can have 12 hours of YOU time each week

I’m sure you are wincing at the screen saying to yourself ‘I would never have that much spare time for myself each week’ but you can and you will. Read on and learn how!

12 hours sounds like a lot and also sounds so little, if you think about how much time you put into everything else in your life. But for those of us who cannot fathom where an extra 12 hours would come from, let me explain how everyone can have that extra time for themselves to have – some you time, family time, catch ups with friends and to do the things you love to do.

Some stats:

  1. We all have 168 hours each week
  2. 56 hours goes on the recommended 8 hours per night sleep time
  3. That leaves us with 112 of awake time
  4. If you take 12 hours from 112 you are still left with 100 hours for everything else
  5. Bonus stat – We all have the same amount of time as Einstein, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Beyonce and every other legend/icon that has lived to the same age as us.

Now let us imagine that we simply remember to count up our 12 hours of freedom each week rather than say we do not have time for this or that.

Your 12 hour break down could go as follows:

  • 4 half hour home workouts per week = 2 hours
  • 3 hour adventure with the kids or playtime, a cinema trip with the girls or a nice family meal during the week = 5 hours in total
  • 4 hour date night, special time allocated for you and your partner = 9 hours in total
  • 3 hours doing whatever the hell you like, reading, watching Netflix, playing the computer, playing board games with the family, drawing, mindful colouring, going to a class you like, going for a long walk/hike/run etc. Whatever you want, it’s your life!

12 hours in total!

Not too shabby is it? Just think in those 12 hours you have managed to:

  1. Get plenty of exercise in giving you the energy to feel great, revitalised and guilt-free, while also getting close to your fitness or weight loss goals
  2. You have created 3 hours of specific family time, catch up time and/or going out and getting out of the normal weekly routine
  3. 4 hours set aside for your and your partner making sure life does not get in the way of your own special time together that is much needed or if you are free and single, then 4 hours to enjoy your own company, meditating, going on a drive or watch that doc that no one else wants to watch, whatever you like to do and want to make time to do.
  4. Again another 3 hours to do whatever you like! Is this starting to sound like a really easy way to get all you want to do, done and spend the time you want to spend with loves ones in?

Another example for the busy Mam and Dad’s out there:

3 half hour exercises per week – this can also be broke down again into 2 half hour exercises and a half hour to plan your food for the week = 1.5 hours

3 hours covered for playtime and/or kids classes or training sessions (one on one time with them)  = 4.5 hours in total

3 hour date night with the hubby or boyfriend to get that time in there amongst the hectic schedule and have some down time for yourselves = 7.5 hours in total

2 hour cleaning/music session (this is more so killing two birds with one stone, cleaning while listening to the music you love) 1 hour Saturday and 1 hour on Sunday = 9.5 hours in total

2.5 hours dedicated to you and only you to do whatever you like with. Maybe you want to sit down and watch a movie to yourself in peace with wine in hand or get out of the house and go on a long drive to break free from the kids and your partner, whatever you like or feel you need when trying to unwind, then do it.

12 hours in total!!

All it really comes down to making a plan and getting organised. Granted there is always going to be things that get in the way, unexpected things cropping up, emergencies but if you form this habit of trying to make 12 hours of special time in your week for special people in your life and the things you love to do, your life will become so much more meaningful and less stressful in every way!

Did I mention this is not including your 8 hours sleep? (New babies and kids are the only ones who can get in the way of this sleep pattern, everything else is on you)

56 hours of sleep covered

40 hour work week or parenting covered

Family, friends and you time covered

Exercise covered

Food plan covered

Date night covered

The list goes on and it all depends on each individual and how they plan to use their time, but how amazing does that sound!

A couple extra pieces of advice to make this happen in your life by starting today…

It takes 30 days to form a habit, it does not happen overnight. Try this for 30 days and it will become part of your routine.

We have the same amount of time in a day as everyone else, make sure you remind yourself of this quote below when you tell yourself I haven’t got time…


Let us know how you get on by emailing with the subject heading of: My extra 12 hours of freedom. Best of luck, make sure you start now and try your best to stick to this plan of attack and you will feel totally in control of your time and will automatically be living a fuller life!






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