How to have 12 hours of YOU time each week


How to have 12 hours of YOU time each week

I’m sure you’re probably wincing at the screen while saying to yourself, “I’d never have that much time for myself each week”. But you can, and you will. See how below…

12 hours can sound like a lot and can also sound so little if you think about how much time you put into everything else in your life. But for those of us who cannot fathom where an extra 12 hours would come from, let me explain how everyone can have that extra time for themselves. Whether you want some extra time for yourself, family time, catch-ups with friends or to simply do, the things you love to do. It’s all achievable, but first, let’s look at some stats.

Statistics show:

  1. There are 168 hours in each week
  2. Roughly 56 hours go on sleep, based on 8 hours per night
  3. This leaves us with 112 hours of awake time
  4. If you take 12 hours from 112 you’re still left with 100 hours for everything else.
  5. Bonus statistic – We have the same amount of time each day as Einstein, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Beyonce and every other legend or icon that has ever lived.

Now let’s imagine what 12 hours of extra time could look like each week: 

  • 4 half-hour workouts per week = 2 hours
  • 3 hours playtime with the kids, a cinema trip with the girls or a nice meal during the week = 5 hours in total
  • 4 hours for a date night; special time allocated for you and your partner = 9 hours in total
  • 3 hours doing whatever you like: reading, watching Netflix, drawing, mindful colouring, going to a class you like, going for a long walk/hike/run etc. 12 hours in total!

Not too shabby is it? Just think in those 12 hours you’ve managed to:

  1. Get plenty of exercise in, giving you the energy to feel revitalised (guilt-free), while also getting closer to your fitness or weight loss goals.
  2. Create 3 hours of family or catch up time.
  3. Set aside time for you and your partner; making sure life does not get in the way of having time together. Or if you’re free and single, then 4 hours to enjoy your own company, meditate, go for a drive or watch that documentary that no one else wants to watch.
  4. Create 3 hours to do whatever you like!

Now you can see how easy it is to get lots done and to spend quality time with your loved ones.

For the busy Mam and Dad’s out there:

3 half-hour exercises per week – this can also be broken down again into 2 half-hour exercises and a half hour to plan your food for the week = 1.5 hours

3 hours covered for playtime and/or kids classes or training sessions (one on one time)  = 4.5 hours in total

3 hour date night with the hubby or boyfriend to have some downtime for yourselves = 7.5 hours in total

2 hour cleaning/music session (Kill two birds with one stone; Clean while listening to music you love) 1 hour Saturday and 1 hour on Sunday = 9.5 hours in total

2.5 hours dedicated to you and only you to spend however you see fit. Maybe you want to sit down and watch a movie to yourself in peace with a glass of wine or get out of the house and go for a long drive to break free from the kids and your partner. Whatever it takes to unwind, then do it.

12 hours in total!!

It all comes down to making a plan and getting organised. Granted there is always going to be things that get in the way, unexpected things cropping up or an emergency but if you form this habit each week for the special people in your life and the things you love to do. Your life will become much more meaningful and less stressful in every way.

All of the above does not include your 8 hours of sleep each night. New babies and kids are the only ones who can get in the way of this sleep pattern, everything else is on you.

56 hours of sleep covered √

40 hour work week covered √

Family and friends time covered √

Exercise covered √

Food plan covered √

Date night covered √

The list goes on and on. IOf course, this depends on each individual and how they plan to use their time.

Extra advice to make it happen:

It takes 30 days to form a habit, it does not happen overnight. Try this for 30 days and it will become part of your routine. Try it for 60 days and you will start to forget your previous hectic lifestyle. Try it for 90 and you will never look back. And if circumstance takes you out of your wonderful new routine, simply get back into it when the time is right.

We have the same amount of time in one day as everyone else. Be sure to remind yourself of the quote below when you feel like you haven’t got time…


Let me know how you get on by emailing with the subject heading: My extra 12 hours of freedom!

Start now and try your best to stick to this plan and you’ll feel totally in control of your time and will automatically be living a fuller life. Best of luck.






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