Success Stories: Iggy A, Founder of ANGEL-Workout

Success Stories: Iggy A, Founder of Angel Workout

“Remember we have 3 events in our life; to be born, to live and to die. We are not conscious of our birth, we suffer at our death and the tragedy is that we sometimes forget to live.” – Iggy A

Meet Ignatius Ajuebor Jnr, founder of ANGEL-Workout, an international fitness consultant and wellness coach whose experience has spanned over two decades. Iggy runs a holistic fitness program that brings beauty and grace to woman and wants you to the be the woman you deserve to be…

Live life and be the captain of your destiny.” – Iggy A

I discovered Iggy on LinkedIn when I seen his post WOMEN, a beautiful poem defining a women’s strength as a mother, particularly as a single mother which I found really touching especially coming from a son’s point of view. His aim is to inspire women and build them up to feel amazing about themselves, through their mind and body. Here is his success story…

1. What made you start the ANGEL-Workout?

Having observed the effects of modern lifestyle on people and being raised by a single mum I understand the difficulties women face in keeping fit. These difficulties combined with my passion for fitness/wellness made me develop ANGEL-Workout. 

2. What has been your greatest success with ANGEL-Workout?

The many people worldwide who have become fit, developed a better body sense and confidence through ANGEL workout is my greatest success. Also, the certified instructors who doing a great job helping many women achieve a better state of fitness and wellness is a great success for me. It is very satisfying to see and hear people say things like’ ‘this is just the perfect program for me, I can relax, feel beautiful and get in shape at the same time’’

3. What was your greatest failure and how did you learn from it?

Hmm, I don’t really see anything as failure. Sometimes what we consider to be failure is just an instruction to change course or strategy. The understanding of the lessons of ‘’failure’’ is the beginning of success so, I guess I never fail. I always win or learn.

4. What would be a crucial piece of advice you would give to someone starting their own business and on success?

Only engage in a business you are passionate about. When you follow your passion you will play the game of success enthusiastically. You will have a reason to wake up at the crack of dawn, you will get back up like a professional soccer player when you fall, because you are living your passion. The perseverance and doggedness shown in living your passion will lead you to success.

Educate yourself about the business you are venturing into and know your strengths and weakness. You can neither know nor enjoy true success without balance in your life so make time for your emotional, mental and fitness needs. Chase success with the energy of a dog after a cat. Remember to have fun and show humour, smile and sometimes accept the outcome and move on.

It’s important to recognise your achievements and give yourself a pat on the shoulders every now and then. When you’re always chasing after the next big thing without taking a moment to appreciate what you’ve gained could negate the beauty of your successes.

5. What inspires and motivates you?

The beauty, mystery and richness of life inspires and motivates me.

Iggy’s words of wisdom:

Learn to love yourself first then that love will shine on others. Life is what you make it, so make the most of it .

See more @ http://www.angel-workout.com/ to Join a class, Become an Instructor, Order a DVD or for Personal Coaching.

Ignatius developed ANGEL-Workout by combining his experience and knowledge as a certified fitness consultant, functional training specialist, dancer and martial artist to craft this unique wellness program that people around the world can embrace.

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