Top 10 things your kids want you to know – Kids Commandments


Life can get busy we all know that, but for parents it is always busy. No parent is perfect but they try to be. Here are some useful reminders for trying to have more time, patience and understanding of children and what goes through their little minds.

These quotes seem like a pretty accurate account of what a child would tell us if they could articulate it in an adult way.

The “Top 10 things your kids want you to know” are as follows



Its easy to forget that kids are not the same size as us or assume they are able for the same things, especially when we are walking.




We all need our own freedom to discover things for ourselves, even a fail is a lesson in disguise.




Don’t sweat the small stuff. It will remain the same throughout your life. As we all know, housework is never ending!




Hard for any parent to nail but there is always room for improvement once we are aware of it.




Kids are a blessing and all they need is love and few toys 😉




Encouragement goes a long way, we can all do with being less critical.




Giving anyone freedom makes them trust you more.




This can be like a kick in the teeth and ruin someones self esteem over time.



Guilt be gone, go and enjoy yourself, rest and your kids will have hugs and kisses waiting for on your return.



Life is about learning so do what you can when you can. Your child will thank you for it.

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