Top 10 things to be Thankful for – Tips to become more Grateful


Sometimes when you want to practise gratitude you can go blank!

Even though you know you have so much to be Grateful for . . .

So here at some easy tips to remind you


Top 10 things to be Thankful for – Tips to become more Grateful

1. Your Health

The saying your “Health is your Wealth” is not just there for the sake of it. Think about it.. Without your health what would you have? When you have your health you have everything! You wake up able to breathe when most will not. You can walk to where you need to go. You can do anything and everything you want to do if you choose to.

2. Your Family and Friends:

Think about how lucky you are to have so much love in your life. Your family would risk anything for you and even if you only have a handful of friends that is all you need. You are blessed more than you know, having so many people to love and who get you for you who you are, flaws and all! After all this is all that matters in life.

3. Yourself

Be thankful for you, for who you are, knowing that there is no one else on this earth like you and that you are contributing to this earth in your own unique way. Everyone is here for a reason and even if you have not figured it out yet, you will and you will know that is why you are so important.

4. Your income

Without your income you would not be able to feed yourself, put clothes on your back, buy things you like, do certain things you like, invest in things you love or go the places you love. Your income no matter how big or how small lets you enjoy the finer things in life that millions of people all over the world do not have the chance to obtain.

5. Your home

Do you have a roof over your head? Then you are already wealthier than so many others who do not. Be thankful that you have that comfort, that you have that security and that you do are not homeless. Some people will never have this security due to things out of their control, be it overpopulation, severe poverty and lack of opportunity.

6. Your body

Your body carries you everyday and helps you with everything you need to do. Your body is strong and resilient and can do anything you want it to do. Look after your body. Nurture it and exercise regularly and your body will thank you back for it!

7. Love

What the world be if we did not have love? Be thankful for the ability to love and be loved because it is the most wonderful thing and feeling in the world. Without love there is only hate and no one wants that!

8. Time

Be thankful for everyday you wake up with another day ahead of you. Time is precious, never underestimate it. Some people are not granted the same time here on earth that we are. So never waste what someone else is not getting the chance to have. Time heals everything and means everything. Be thankful for having the time to do what you like in life and be who you want to be, knowing that time is on your side once you appreciate it.

9. Sunshine

The sun brightens any day up. You cannot beat the warmth on your skin and the feeling you get when the sun is out knowing that you can go straight to holiday mode, that everyone is in a better mood and that the weather is not restricting you to anything other than fun and beauty!

10. Clean Water

We are made up of water, so without it we would not be able to survive. Our bodies need it to function. The most beautiful places in the world show off their stunning water features. The sea, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, streams and lets not forget how we all love a hot bath!

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