Please Vote for to make it to the finals for The Blog Awards Ireland 2015

0 has made to the Shortlist for the Blog Awards Ireland 2015!!!

Public voting is open from 4pm, 7th of September 2015 for two weeks until 21st September

Please help us make it to the finals by voting for us in the Health and Wellbeing Category and the Innovation Catagory

Here is how you can vote:

Click the link below to vote for us in the Best Health & Wellbeing Catagory

Click the link below to vote for us in the Best Innovation Blog


We were ecstatic to had made it to the Longlist, then we made it to the Shortlist, now its time to make it to the finals!

This means the world to me especially the fact A.T.E is only a baby and just launched this year! So thank you for your vote I really appreciate it!

whos awesome puppy dog meme


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