7 Easy Steps to Achieve Daily Happiness


No one wants to start the day off on a bad note, but for most people this happens all the time!

We would all like to wake up happy and feeling good about the day ahead. This would motivate us, give us an extra pep in our step, a bigger smile on our face and the confidence to deal with anything the day may throw at us.

So, lets do it!

7 Easy Steps to Achieve Daily Happiness

Step #1

Believing – First things first you need to wake up with the belief you are going to have a great day. Affirm, believe it and it will happen.


Set a reminder, write it on a whiteboard, leave a note by your bedside locker or stick a reminder to the ceiling if you have to, in order to form the habit of remembering this thought each morning. This immediately plants the seed, a good seed, for the day ahead.

Step #2

Give Thanks – Take a couple of minutes to give thanks for everything you already have and are grateful for. This is not too much to ask of anyone, considering it will have a huge positive affect on your life.. so no excuses. Thank you 😉

Not only will this automatically make you realise the large abundance you already have in your life but the more you are thankful for… the more you “have” to be thankful for. See So, what is the Law of Attraction?

If you practice gratitude each morning and at night before you go to bed, you will genuinely feel happier, luckier and so appreciative of everything you have in your life which in turn will erase negative patterns of thinking you that you will never get what you want etc. You will realise you have it all and anything after that is a bonus. If you have love, family, friends and a roof over your head you are richer than most.

Step #3

If something happens, do not dwell on it – If you wake up and things are starting to go downhill fast, do not let them. For example if you wake up and stub your toe off your bed, scream and curse while trying not to cry at the same time then you end up running late because that knocked your off course, that’s fine, but do not let it control the rest of your day! Think positive tell yourself that the rest of the day is not going to go that way and it will not. We cannot control everything but we do not help ourselves if we say and think that it is going to be a terrible day, it attracts more stress and annoyance.

Step #4

Eat well –  You need to eat right to feel right. We all know when we eat crap, we feel like crap. When overeat, we can feel it and it does not feel nice. If we eat huge calorie foods we know we will not feel good about our bodies along with having ups and downs due to giving yourself a sugar rush then coming down from that. This can cause headaches and dehydration. Overall bad feelings. If you try eat as healthy as you can and then treat yourself to a snack you will feel amazing because you are giving your body what it needs while also not feeling like you are missing out. You know what they say the best way to eat is? Breakfast of a King, lunch of a Prince and a dinner of a Pauper.

Step #5

Exercise – Again it is not a secret that exercise can help your overall happiness. It gives you energy, releases endorphins that make you feel good, clears your head, makes you feel great because you know your body is strong and getting fitter the more you and makes you feel happier with your appearance. So why wouldn’t you try to exercise as much as you can? If time is tight you can go for a 15 minute walk each day or do squats in the morning for a few mins, weights later when you get a few mins and sit ups while watching the TV. There is always time if you make time.

Step #6

Meditation – Meditation is one of the best ways to find balance in this chaotic world, peace and to de-stress. You do not have to be an expert. Some people find it very hard to unwind and meditate, but it does not have to be. You can literally take 5-10 minutes to close your eyes, put on some nice therapeutic music and let yourself relax. You will feel brand new by doing this. Not a lot to do considering it only takes 10 minutes. Its like short head massage. You can create a habit of meditating if you do it each day for 30 days as it takes that long to create new habit. The benefits will astound you and in turn you will feel much happier and much stronger to diffuse stresses instead of letting them build up.

Step #7

Spend time with the people you love – This goes without saying as such but a lot of people let their busy lives get in the way of spending quality time with loved ones, making memories to cherish and reminding themselves of how lucky they are to have great people in their lives who love them dearly. Not to mention the conversation and great laughs you will have. Work will always be there so will the washing or whatever other stuff getting in the way. Make time, make memories and let yourself be happy. Let your happiness rub on your family and friends.

You deserve to be happy and live the best life you can so please take the time to let yourself because their is nothing more important than your happiness. If you want to spread some happiness tips, send this to one of your friends or family and let them learn to be happier too 🙂

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