How to increase your Metabolism


The older we get the harder it is for your Metabolism to go with the flow the way you would like it to. The body finds it harder to break down foods and this leads to weight gain and bloating.

I stumbled across this great tip a few months ago and it works a treat. I will also share added information on how to increase your Metabolism for those of you who have very slow Metabolisms.

Number one way to increase your Metabolism:

We all know drinking more water helps our body function better in every aspect. I know a lot of you might have already tried drinking water to increase your metabolism and it might not of worked like you wanted it to but here’s the trick:


If you can drink 2 litres of water a day then great, but you need to drink it at the right times for it to help your metabolism. This is a tried and tested sure thing.

Drink half your daily intake of water before 10am eg: 1 litre, every morning and you will start to notice a huge difference in a the space of a few days. If you do this for a week you will notice that you are able to go to the toilet with no discomfort shortly after 10am. For those of you that have a really stubborn metabolism give it two weeks straight and you will see the difference.


The reason this works so well is because each morning you wake, you wake up dehydrated which sounds pretty obvious but I would of never even thought of it before, therefore you are giving your body some much needed fluids but by drinking half your daily fill of water before 10am. By doing this, you flush out toxins, reduce headaches and actually feel less hungry too. As a result your body functions the way it should because it is already hydrated and starting to flow the natural way it should, which in turn will help your metabolism and overall health.

Other ways to increase your metabolisms are as follows:

My Super Juice, 4 superfoods, 3 fruit, 1 veg, tastes amazing. Read more here Super Juice Super you

Eat more fruit (grapefruit imparticular)

Add lemon and lime to your water, again this flushes you out. It can also increase potassium levels that will reduce anxiety, depression and forgetfullness. The list of benefits are endless. I will do a separate post on this.

Eat more Yogurt

Spice up your dishes with Jalepenos

Freshly squeezed O.J

Coffee increase your metabolism also but I would not suggest it as Caffeine is addictive. Coca Cola does the same thing as it is high in caffeine but it is not the right way to increase your metabolism. So stick to the healthy stuff 😉

Foods to avoid:

Its a given but reduce junk food where possible

If you are not used to healthy eating or are slowly introducing these things into your diet then take it day by day as in reality your body will not be used to all at once and it will take you time to form these habits. Try to do your water challenge and try lay off the snack food until later on, have a snack after dinner but a couple of hours before you go to bed and start your morning off fresh, drink your water before 10am and let your body function and break down everything else 🙂

Junk foods fill you but leave you lethargic when your sugar levels drop, bloat you, make your constipated and can gobble your daily calories take is one swoop.

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