Great Poetry Part 2 – Woman by Iggy A – Founder of Angel Workout


I was lucky enough to stumble across this poem on Linkedin on a post by the Founder of Angel Iggy A. I am sure it will resound with every women and mother out there. Its beautifully written and breath of fresh air as its written by a man who truly understands and appreciates women for all that they are and all that they will be. Enjoy ladies, you deserve it!

Great Poetry Part 2 – Woman by Iggy A – Founder of Angel Workout


You are a woman, a beautiful angel

You have given birth to our heroes and heroines

You carried man for nine months

Even when the pain was too much


You persevered and kept your calm

Determined to give birth to man

You are Strong and powerful. Incredible is what you are.

You are the first to wake up at the crack of dawn to prepare the family for the day


You work extra jobs to feed the family

You are a ‘father’ to your kids

A mother to your kids

A single mother


You are an angel. Truly remarkable.

Even though you have being cheated

Abused, Ill treated,

Called names and never appreciated.


You rose above all odds and conquered

What a woman of courage and resilience you are.

You are an indomitable spirit. Unbreakable is what you are.

You stood tall when they said you should fall


You rose when they said you should lay

You lived when they said you should die

You excelled when they thought you would quit

For you are a woman with purpose and dreams


Your dreams are immeasurable and will not be lessened

For you are a woman with a mission and a vision

Strong and powerful, you are unstoppable

Take care of your health and wellness because YOU MATTER too


Carry your beauties with pride because it is your right, you are adorable too

Walk with your head up, because WOMAN, you are phenomenal too!


You should check out Iggy’s website, its all about Women, Health, Fitness and General Wellbeing. He is working wonders everyday and it might be something you would be interested in


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