50 Amazing uses for Coconut Oil


If you have never used Coconut Oil then you need to run out now and get some asap!

It has to be one of the most multi-useful products out there! Its uses are never ending and the jar is never ending also. The price varies but you can get a jar for around €4-€6. BARGAIN. Plus the jar never seems to end unless you were cooking with it all the time but a small bit goes a long way whatever the reason you use it.

So before I tell you 50 of the best ways to use it, although you are not limited to only 50 ways to use it, I will explain what the product is like in general.

Coconut Oil when bought and probably depending where you live and where you store it is like a tub of hard grease. It sounds horrible I know and looks a bit odd until you use it and fall in love but the consistency of the Coconut Oil melts the minute heat comes into play. If left in heat by a window or even the palm of your hand it starts to melt almost instantly into Oil. The same goes for the minute it has any human contact, be it your mouth or skin. Which is the main reason it has so many uses.

coconut watercolour painting coconut oil 300 ways to use coconut oil leah fox coconut crab beside coconut whole coconut inside of a coconut

The health benefits are endless and new studies show improvement in Alzheimer’s and Dementia, from people who have made Coconut Oil a part of their Diet. Some finding they have got their own personalities back and also memory improving.

It makes perfect sense that there is some sort of natural cure for these and all other diseases too because us as humans where not made to take medicines to heal our illnesses. We were born onto this earth to use the natural resources that we were given for everything we could of possibly needed until Men and Women started trading and chemicals were put into everything.

So here is My Personal Top 50 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil:


Cooking – Use as a baking grease and butter, as an alternative to dairy. Use it in the pan/wok for all your frying needs including stir fry’s


Burn more fat – CO can increase your energy expenditure therefore helping you burn more fat.


Reduces Appetite – The fatty acids in CO can significantly reduce your appetite and therefore decreasing your , which may positively affect body weight over the long term.


Moisturizer – Gives you the moist that dry skin craves, I would know. The best thing to do is to put a small bit on before bedtime. You do not need more than a small bit because its so greasy and spreads very easily. Overnight is the best time to moisturize as it sinks into your skin and you wake up with a new face if I am honest! I would not recommend using it if you already have oily skin and test it out if you have combination skin. Each to their own.


Chapstick – No other brand will clear your lips of dry skin like CO will. I have tried them all and previously spent a lot of money on a good chapstick but CO wins hands down. The dry skin falls off your lips and reverts back to smooth and sexy in a few hours at most.


Make up remover – Wipes your make up off in seconds, better than any other make up product you will find.


Eye Make up remover – We all know how annoying it is to take mascara and eyeliner off. This literally swipes it off, leaving your eyes feeling refreshed instead of sore from pulling at them. This also helps keep your eyes young in the long run because pulling at the skin around the eyes loosens the elasticine over time therefore causing sag, bags and wrinkles.


Oil Pulling – Do this method to improve your gum health or heal small gum irritations. Put CO in your mouth and let it dissolve, then swish it through your teeth but do not swallow. This method lets all bacteria stick to the oil and removes it from your tongue so you want to spit it out once done.


Boost Brain Function especially for Alzheimer’s Patients – The fatty acids, the great kind, keep boost the brains functions in order as the Ketone bodies can provide an alternative energy source for malfunctioning cells.


Increases Tolerance to the sun – Overtime you will notice that will not burn as easily when CO is incorporated into your diet, still take precautions until you notice a chance.


Acts as a Sunscreen – Yet again this is just a slight sunscreen that provides SP4 which would keep you safe from sun damage for roughly one hour so you would need to take precautions if out in the sun longer.


Hair Treatment – You can put coconut oil all over your hair if it is fairly damaged and leave it in for a bit or just put it in the ends if they are dried out. Works great, your hair will feel like silk!


To ease Eczema and Psoriasis – Use to sooth and heal both these skin irritations. It will soften skin and also cool it from itch and soreness.


Prevents Stretchmarks while pregnant – Use to prevent getting stretchmarks while pregnant. It will help reduce appearance and if you are lucky you might not get any if you use this frequently during your pregnancy.


Face scrub – Mix with sugar and lime for a nice fresh face scrub.


Body scrub –  Mix with sugar for an all over body scrub, you might need a bit more than one piece of fruit for the body!


Leather – Use CO to soften and condition leather.


Energy – Take a spoonful of CO to boost your energy without the sugar or caffeine with-drawls.


Coldsores – Clears up coldsores quicker than anything else.


Lip Balm –  Use it to keep lips soft after using it as a chap stick 🙂


Lip Gloss – Give your lips a great shine and smells like coconut 😉 you cannot go wrong. You can even put it over lipsticks to add shine and take away a harsh looking dry lip.


Massage Oil – This is perfect for a massage oil, just heat it and add whatever fruits you like to add a nice fresh scent. Its the little things!


Cracked heels – Use to moisture and be rid of them for good.


Popcorn – Yes, you can use this to cook popcorn and it does not change the taste.


Sore Throats – Add a dollop to a cup of warm tea or hot lemon to sooth a sore throat.


Conditioner – Use a conditioner for silky smooth hair. If have fine hair


Dogs love it – My friend gives her two dogs a spoonful each day into their doggy food and they love it. Its obviously great for their health but also a nice little added harmless treat for pets.


Great for pets coat – Gives pets coats a great shine and healthy look.


Teeth brightener – I cant say that it will whiten your teeth by a huge difference but it does slighty whiten them but really cleans them and leaves them with a nice clean shine that your toothpaste doesn’t do.


Bug bites – If you get bitten by an insect, using CO will calm the itch and sooth irratation.


Soothes Sunburn – Use CO to take the sting out of being sun burnt. It will cool and calm the sunburn.


Soap – Make a CO soap bar to for basic washing. It will feel amazing and smell lovely.


Dry Scalp – Use on your dry scalp let set and notice the difference almost instantly. It might make your hair greasy so make sure you plan a night to stay in and use it as a treatment.


Body Moisturizer – Like the face, rub all over your body after a shower. Leave on for the night and shower off in the morning as it is quite greasy but sinks into the skin like nothing else for moisture.


Coffee Flavor Enhancer – Add to coffee for a creamer and a sweeter taste.


Cooking Oil – Replace all other cooking oils with CO for a healthier option.


Sleep – Improves sleep if taken daily. Give it a try!


Nail Treatment – Use for treating hangnails or improving dry cuticals.


DIY Beauty Products – You can use this with just about anything that nature has made. Add fruits and oils to make fresh smelling beauty products.


Helps Prevent and Treat Neurological Disorders 

Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Strokes, Traumatic brain injury, Schizophrenia, Insomnia, Autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, Migraine headaches & Depression.


Speeds Healing from Injuries as follows 

Shortens recovery healing time after surgery, Cuts, Bruises, Burns, Bee and wasp stings, Blister, Poison Ivy or oak, Nosebleeds, Soothes itch and speeds healing process of tattoos, Helps stop bleeding, Reduces pain & Anti-inflammatory.


Helps Ease Digestive Problems 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, Gallstone disease, Pancreatitis, Hemorrhoids & Gastrointestnal ulcers.


Useful for the Treatment of Chronic and Genetic Conditions – Allergies, Prevent/treat neuropathy (restore nerve function), Mast-cell deficiency, Cystic fibrosis, Arthritis, Gout ,Asthma, Diabetes, Obesity, Osteoporosis ,Rheumatic fever, Altitude sickness, Anemia, Constipation, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Menstrual irregularities & Protects the liver from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse and infection (Essential for us Irish as we like our fair bit of Drink!)



Improve digestive health/function, Improve absorption of nutrients (vitamins & minerals), Prevent vitamin/mineral deficiencies (enhances nutritional value of the foods), Improve athletic performance, Enhance fetal growth and brain development, Improve lactation and milk quality, Acts as a protective antioxidant, Provide a quick and easy source of nutrition, Prevent/treat malnutrition (better than other oils), Help to keep blood sugars in balance (good for diabetics), Moderates glucose release into bloodstream ,Improves insulin secretion, Improves insulin sensitivity, Weight management, Reduces steatorrhea (improves fat indigestion) & Helps heal damage caused by celiac disease, improving nutrient absorption


Breastfeeding – Enriches Breast Milk (Nursing Mother consumes)


Eggs – Extend the shelf life of eggs by rubbing CO on the outside shell. Do not heat the oil at all. Reports show eggs coated in CO can last up to 9-12 months!


Nappy Rash – Relieves irritation of nappy rash and moisture’s the skin.


Age Spots – Reduces the appearance of age spots, apply at night to get the result you want.


Chewing Gum removal – Use CO to remove gum from hair, shoes, carpet and anywhere else it lands!



Cradle Cap – Relieves irritation from cradle cap, will also soften the babies skin and help heal up dry skin.

So I will leave you with all that information to take in for now to use whatever way you please, but please do check out the link below to find out how many other health benefits there are to CO.

The list is really endless and that is the reason why I have spent so much time writing this post so that it will hopefully benefit my thousands of viewers and improve their lifestyle immensely!

Can you imagine if you even threw a spoonful in your smoothie everyday or made your popcorn from it? You would be really treating your body in over 1,000 ways from one product, one really cheap product may I add.  I learned a lot from this and will use my Coconut Oil in all the ways possible from now on. I am sure I will save myself a lot of possible health problems and save a lot of money on doctors. I hope you do too.

Random but I have added a pic of a Coconut Crab just for kicks because I stumbled across it and thought it looked crazy! Enjoy 😉 Below links…

Credits: Great site to delve into even more health benefits for using Coconut Oil


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coconut watercolour painting coconut oil 300 ways to use coconut oil leah fox coconut crab beside coconut whole coconut inside of a coconut crab beside a dog EWW, Run doggy run!


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