5 Reasons to work for yourself


5 Reasons to work for yourself

There are endless reasons to work for yourself but there are some really valid reasons that a lot of people do not consider or perhaps have not realized yet.

The economic downturn resulted in thousands probably millions of people loosing their jobs, being made redundant or taking a pay decrease due to companies trying to stay afloat.

This was a good and bad thing but lets look at the positive side of it – Everyday people went out into the world (mostly out of desperation) and started making their own money.

They started their own businesses and became great salesmen, things they never would of had the confidence or the motivation to do, but the recession pushed people to get out there and fend for themselves. I was one of them!

I never sold anything in my life and never considered myself any good at sales but when I seen everyone else doing it I knew I could do it too and so can you.

I think another reason for this was that people were not as busy as they were beforehand as everything seemed to be on pause for a couple of years and people were being careful with money and therefore not spending the way they once had. At the same time when new products, services and small businesses started trending, the customer decided that was what they were going to spend their money on.

It became trend to recycle, upcycle, resell, wear vintage, sell it on etc.

Time gives you the chance to reflect and think about what you want in life and lot of people decided to go for their dreams and take responsibility for their own finances see as they could not rely on the man anymore.

“Life is at its best when everything has fallen out of place, and you decide that you’re going to fight to get them right, not when everything is going your way and everyone is praising you.”

Thisuri Wanniarachchi

5 Reasons to work for yourself:

Freedom – First and foremost your freedom! How important is your freedom to you? It should be extremely important to you. Freedom is everything. Freedom means more time with family and friends, more time to relax and more time to do the things you love.

Wouldn’t it be nice to work on your own terms, be your own boss and choose when you work? Of course it would. You would be free to pick and choose what you do each day, each hour and every minute. This would be a dream come through and you could live the life you always wanted to live, so what are you waiting for?

Silhouette of a child jumping cliff with sunset background

Silhouette of a child jumping cliff with sunset background

Happiness – A lot of people hate their jobs and a lot of people love their jobs which is great but what if you could do the job you love doing for yourself and be your own boss and with that have more time, energy and self satisfaction that makes you really proud of yourself knowing that you are building something for yourself and not working at making someone else dream come true. That person who you are helping to make their dreams into a reality is your employer. What about your dreams? What if you were the employer? Wouldn’t that be nice?

Happiness is a state of mind as life can be very tough sometimes but you can create more happy moments for yourself by having more time to do the things you love, working at what you love to do, having sense of achievement from the results of your own business, spending more time with your loved ones, less stress and less hassle. A workplace can make you miserable through the roll you play, situations that occur and circumstance so why put yourself through that? Being your own boss assures that you will not be put in a situation where you are overworked and underpaid, being treated badly, bad working conditions because you will create your own. Plus no more getting stuck in peak traffic!

You will be happier if you make the choice to work for yourself because you will be in control of your life, time, money and creating the kind of life you want to live.

Time v-s Value – For most of us we work roughly a 35-40 hour week, part time workers maybe up to 20 hours, which would be nice but some people need to work more to earn a bigger income to cover their expenses and luxuries. So what do we do to earn more money to live a better life? We work more to look after our families and to do the things we love to do in our spare time. Some people sacrifice up to 80 hours a week working so that their families can live comfortably but at a huge expense. You come home depleted with little or no time to spend with your loved ones so that’s hardly living now is it?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to work your own hours putting your own value on each hour you decide to work? What if you could work just 20 hours a week making more than enough money to look after you and your loved ones and to also have more than enough money to do the things you love? What if you could make money while you sleep therefore, creating even more free time for yourself?

You can and you will if you choose to work for yourself as you can choose how much you are worth per hour. Choose to charge for your product or service more than you could of ever made working for an employer, constantly overworking to increase your wage, to try better your life but with the catch 22 that you are stressed, tired, run down, under-appreciated and this results in you not having the energy or time and perhaps still not having the money to spend with your loved ones. Thats a raw deal. We were not put on this earth to live like that so you need to create it for yourself. You CAN do it!!!

Your Worth – Self worth, do you realize yours? A lot of people in the workplace feel under-rated, under-appreciated and under-paid. This is a very common scenario. Most people either do not realize their self worth or either plod along year after year hoping their employee will notice their efforts. I again fell under this category until I decided to create the life I wanted.

Do you honestly think you are being paid what you are worth for the skills you provide for your employer, for the knowledge and intelligence you bring to your roll? If you are being appreciated great but its not the case for the majority, so why slug your whole life in jobs that will never see your worth and appreciate the skills you have?

You could work for yourself at something you truly love to do and create the life you want but most importantly you and only you know your full worth and potential. Therefore, it makes sense to create your own source of income by providing a product or service and charging the amount you think your time and skills are worth. Some people think this is a crazy theory but millions of people are doing it everyday, working the hours they choose and living the lives dreams are made of while leaving their stamp on this world.

We are all destined for certain things, find what you love and you will find your destiny. That is why the word Individual was created. If you do not know what your purpose is… you can find out. I found mine by doing a course with  www.canfieldcoaching.com . Worth looking into if you feel lost and do not know what your purpose is. If you do not know your own worth then how can you expect someone else to? But I believe Everyone has something Amazing to offer so find out what that is and share it with the world and make a living off it. The living that you always dreamed of. You CAN do it.

Security – People seem to think that by having a job gives you financial security but does it really? You are employed by someone who pays you a salary, sure that sounds good in theory and can give you a nice sense of security but what it really means is that you are putting 100% responsibility for your finances and all of your income on this employer that could possibly come to an end at any given moment.

You are placing all your trust in this position to pay you what you need to live and if you do not have any other forms of income you could find yourself in a difficult situation should this income come to an end. If you create your own income you have 100% control over your finances and no one can take that away from you, only you, but why would you want to do that.

If your place of work runs into financial difficulty and you lost your job tomorrow for whatever reason, you are left with no source of income so doesn’t it make sense to either have a back up plan and create your own income so you are in control of your own finances and you are not placing that in the hands of someone else? I think so. If you have savings that can help but this is definitely a great reason to work for yourself as you will be in 100% control of your finances. Now, doesn’t that sound great?


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