2015 Throwbacks – Things that happened this year


2015 Throwbacks – Things that happened this year

Here’s the run down


An animatronic Polar bear was let loose in the London Underground to mark the launch of Sky Atlantics New TV Drama ‘Fortitude’. The faces of shock are priceless.

polar bear tube animatronic in london tube station top stories of 2015 top news

World Changes

A break through for the Gay Community when same sex marriages across the world were legalized. Yay!

yes for equality graphic images lgbt 2015 gay marraige rights world changes in 2015Kindest Act of Love

15 year old Hunter Gandee carried his little brother Braden, 57 miles to raise awareness for Celebral Palsy as he cannot walk unassisted. The year before he walked 40 miles with his brother wrapped around him. Please Share this post to help him with his goal.

hunter gandee carrying his little brother braden 57 miles

The Most Hipster Pic

In case you did not know, the Toyota Prius is not just a fuel efficient car but the best way to transport your Penny Farthing!

hipster things of 2015

Person of the Year

Bernie Sanders looks set to win the vote for TIMES Person of the Year with a vote of 78%. The Senator has raised $26 million to combat income inequality from 750,000 sponsors.

Scientific Breakthroughs

Planetary Scientists discovered water on Mars. Finding evidence for flowing water is not the same as finding life but it is the best place to look for modern life on Mars.

water-mars images discovery of water on mars planets 2015 best bits

Crazy Baby Names

Kimye named their child ‘Saint’! I thought that they would name their new baby ‘God’, so I wasn’t far off. A Reddit thread asked its users for the worst names they knew. 18,000 people commented with the most ridiculous names ever! One being ‘Like’ because the parents love Facebook so much, then another classic ‘Britney Shakira Beyonce’. Seriously people, why?

kim kardashian pics of her looking shock

Characters you loved

Jon Snow died 🙁 GOT fans are still in denial several months later and so am I! We know he is not coming back but still like to convince ourselves that their a slight possibility that he might come back as a Whitewalker 🙂

jon snow image of death knows nothing game of thrones season 5 spoilers

Highest Paid Musician

The highest earning musician in 2015 is Katy Perry, believe it or not. She grossed $135 million! Crazy, most coming from her Prismatic Tour.

katy perry world tour 2015 prismatic tour highest earning female artist

Top Grossing Film

The highest money maker in the Film industry this year was Jurassic World, earning more than $650 million. A close second is Star Wars.
Films we loved.

Most Anticipated Film

After much anticipation 50 Shades of Grey hit our screens on Valentines Day 2015 earning a whopping 500 million at the box offices. Women and Men alike flocked to see it. Men wanted to see what all the fuss was about and Women just wanted to see Jamie Dornan.

50 shades of grey was released in february 2015 jamie dornan films top films of 2015


Madeline Stuart modelled at New York Fashion week – Her aim is to change the way people discriminate against disability. She is 18 years old with Down Syndrome. Go Madeline!

Madeline-Stuart-walking new york fashion week first person with down symdrome to walk new york fashion week

Celebrity Scandal

Bill Cosby was officially charged with the drugging and sexual assault of a women 12 years ago in his home. 50 other women have since claimed sexual assault by him. 35 of those women made the cover of New York Magazine to tell their story.

New york magazine front cover on bill cosby celebs charged in 2015 the 35 women assaulted by bill cosby

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