About Us

AddictedtoEverything is a Digital Online Magazine founded in January 2015 by Irish Entrepreneur and Marketing Specialist Hazel Breen

Here at AddictedtoEverything – We aim to inspire by sharing motivational, success, self development, interesting and positive stories around the world.

Our core mission is to help people reach for the stars, turn their dreams into a reality and live to their full potential. In our quest, we want to create a positive media source that will eventually wipe out the negative, fear enhancing, scaremongering media we see everyday. The main aim? To inspire and make people happier in the process.

What to expect:

Life stories, quotes from the worlds most influential people, success stories, motivational stories, educational posts on health/well-being, great book reviews, fun/random bits n bobs that you are sure to enjoy and EVERYTHING in between!

founder-of-addicted-to-everything-website-hazel-breen-irish-entrepreneurs-marketing-specialist-digital-online-magazine-media“When you visit AddictedtoEverything you can’t help but leave with an extra pep in your step! You’ll feel happier, more inspired and more motivated. With the knowledge and faith you need to create the life you really want and were meant to live.” – Hazel Breen


A few facts on AddictedtoEverything:

We are delighted to share that over 2 million people have visited AddictedtoEverything.com. We love these stats because that means, 2 million people left happier and more motivated after their visit!

AddictedtoEverything Founder Hazel Breen, designed, developed and created this website in January 2015. Her brother passed away at the start of February 2015. Even though she was heartbroken and just wanted to give up, she persevered. Two months later she found the strength to continue to build the site to help others. AddictedtoEverything is dedicated to her brother Karl.

AddictedtoEverything made it as a Finalist of The Blog Awards Ireland 2015 at just 6 months old.