Here at Addicted to Everything – We aim to inspire…

By sharing motivational information, success stories, self-development and overall positive outlooks on life.

 Founder of A.T.E – Hazel Breen

Addicted to Everything was founded, designed and created by Hazel Breen in January 2015. She is literally… Addicted to Everything! Addicted to all things positive that is 😉


A.T.E made it as a Finalist of The Blog Awards Ireland 2015 at just 6 months old!


Hazel and the A.T.E Community’s mission in life is to help people reach for the stars, make their dreams a reality and live to their full potential. In their quest, they hope to create a positive media source that will hopefully help wipe out the negative, fear enhancing  scaremongering media we see everyday. The main aim? To inspire and make people happier in the process.

“The main aim when you visit A.T.E is that you leave with a extra pep in your step, feeling happier, more inspired, motivated and with the knowledge and faith you need to create the life you really want and were meant to live!” – Hazel Breen

What you can expect: Life stories, quotes from the worlds most influential people, success stories, motivational stories, links to must see videos and the best webinar’s to watch, educational posts on health/well-being, fun/random bits n bobs that you are sure to enjoy and EVERYTHING in between!

A small bit about me…

In a nutshell… I am a life enthusiast, information hogging hore and I have a huge imagination that never stops! I love to work hard because I love what I do.

Core Beliefs

  • Love is all we need
  • What you think you become
  • We are all here for a reason, to love big and to do what we love and if we add a little happiness to others along the way then that’s a bonus! Small change become big changes.